“Fruit Cobbler”

I am one to scribble and write notes and scriptures on anything in front of me. You?

It seems I am always running across napkins, the corners of fast food bags, bank envelopes, etc that I have written things down on that I was really touched by or I may have  felt was very significant and worth sharing or just something the Lord was gracious enough to open my eyes to.

I found one this morning rummaging around. It was one that I had written pertaining to religion and what I compared it to in that moment. Here it is:

“I compare religion to a *fruit cobbler. Instead of just eating the delicious fruit the way it is we add things to it that are not good for us or needed for our health. We like to make it more palatable. The way we like it. The fruit alone is all we NEED.  Religion wants to add to what Jesus has already done for us. Making it palatable to man’s liking. Religion does not want to leave the simplicity of Jesus and enjoy the existing fruit that He is for us. Jesus is all we NEED. Nothing man can add to Him is going to make Him any sweeter and more tasteful than He SIMPLY already is all on His own. ”

It is such a blessing to be born again and to be set free from the captivity of man’s religious ways.What a blessed day when I “felt” the shackles loosen and “heard” the clank of the chains fall to the ground!

John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Have a blessed day remembering that day you felt the shackles loosen and heard those chains  falling to the ground that you had been bound by! HALLELUJAH!




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